Why get your photos printed on canvas?

20 August 2018

There are many reasons to get your photos printed on canvas and in this article explores the various benefits canvas printing offers. Photos are memories The birth of a new family member. A loved one’s graduation, wedding or birthday. A family reunion. You want to live in these moments for as long as possible. Canvas […]

Print and design personalised running bibs with BML Print

25 July 2018

People across the UK love to take up the physical challenge of running, whether it be to push their fitness to new levels or raise money for a good cause. Races vary from 5Ks to marathons, and there are many to take part in throughout the year. If you’re an organiser, you might like to […]

Why vehicle graphics are a cost-effective advertising solution

22 June 2018

Want to generate over 30,000 impressions a day for as little as 10p? Whether you’re a startup or a high street player, leveraging the power of vehicle graphics is a cost-effective way to boost brand recognition and awareness. By using vehicle signage to turn your car or van into a mobile billboard you’ll boost sales […]

Are business cards still relevant in 2018?

12 June 2018

One question that seems to be asked at BML Print, again and again, is: “Are business cards still relevant in 2018?” It’s a pertinent question, especially when connections are usually made through LinkedIn now, but the fact remains there will always be a time and a place for the business card. All you need to […]

Print your orienteering maps with an IOF print partner

18 May 2018

Do you need to print a custom orienteering map for your next run or club race? Whether you are printing one for personal use or a large batch for a competition or club event, it certainly helps to be able to access the service that you need with an International Orienteering Federation print partner (IOF […]

What to look out for in an online printing provider

26 April 2018

Traditionally, people have always associated printing services with books, newspapers, leaflets and similar products. Times have changed – with today’s advanced technologies, and with greater access to these services, digital printing offers far more varied and exciting options. Paper is no longer the only medium that carries the printed word – you can have your […]

How to plan a running race – Our top tips

29 March 2018

When organising a race, preparation is always key. Whatever runners’ experience levels, the planning of the event should aim to maximise their experience to the fullest. To help participants in the race gain as much from their experience as possible, here are a few things to keep in mind: Preparation is key Deciding to hold […]

Top 5 business card design and printing tips

29 January 2018

Your business cards might be the first way that some customers come into contact with your business. The old adage may be cliched, but it’s true – first impressions count. These days, every business can order simple business cards online for the price of a drink in a bar. The good news is, many of […]

PVC Banners vs Mesh Banners – What’s best for your advertising?

12 December 2017

So you’ve decided you need a banner to advertise your event or business, but you are struggling to decide which is a better fit for your business: Mesh or PVC? There are plenty of advantages for both options, but it’s worth reading this article before you make your final decision. Your final choice will be […]

Custom race bibs are essential to your event

13 November 2017

There’s been a huge surge in the number of people taking part in athletic competitions in the UK, the most appealing of which is, arguably, a good old fashioned running race. Due to this, races – often varying in length from short 5ks to marathons – are now a popular pastime. If you’re currently organising […]