Custom race bibs are essential to your event

There’s been a huge surge in the number of people taking part in athletic competitions in the UK, the most appealing of which is, arguably, a good old fashioned running race. Due to this, races – often varying in length from short 5ks to marathons – are now a popular pastime. If you’re currently organising such an event, you may want to consider custom race bibs for the participants. The personalised garments serve many purposes and these are just four of the reasons why they are so essential:

Printed bibs are great for branding

Printed bibs can feature anything from names to numbers – and even the logo of a sponsor. Ultimately, it provides a great opportunity to either advertise your own brand or attract a third party who may be interested in doing so. This could then lead to your event becoming bigger, better and more profitable in the near future.

Your bibs can make your running event unique

At the end of the day, a race is a product – and it, therefore, needs to be sold to the public. It’s hard to turn people’s heads if your product appears stale and there’s little to differentiate each event from the previous one. On the other hand, a personalised bib can give it that unique feel and in the process keep people hungry to sign up again.

Coloured bibs can boost your organisation

It’s often important to subcategorise participants during the event. Often this is by age, gender or general ability. Of course, this is easier said than done when it comes to the morning of the race and there are hundreds of people in the mix waiting to set off at different times. Luckily, custom race bibs help establish some order and are particularly helpful when number sequences clearly outline who should be in what wave.

Boost the excitement of your running event

An important factor that many forget is that personalised race bibs help build excitement for those involved. A participant seeing their own name on their attire can go some length to boosting their morale and heightening their overall enjoyment of the day. This can then lead to them taking part in other races in the future.

Print your race bibs with BML Print

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