Print your orienteering maps with an IOF print partner

Do you need to print a custom orienteering map for your next run or club race? Whether you are printing one for personal use or a large batch for a competition or club event, it certainly helps to be able to access the service that you need with an International Orienteering Federation print partner (IOF recognised).

What is the challenge with custom map printing?

Have you ever tried to print an orienteering or custom map at home? It simply isn’t doable on standard printers, which aren’t large or sophisticated enough to deal with the exacting requirements of a detailed orienteering map. The last thing you want is to find yourself struggling through a pile of hastily sellotaped papers in an attempt to find your correct route mid-run! The best solution for custom map printing and orienteering map printing is to use an IOF specialist printer who can handle your specific needs to perfection.

Our service

We are accredited by the International Orienteering Federation as a recognised partner for the printing of orienteering maps. We have direct and substantial experience in the unique needs of orienteering maps and a first-hand experience of the sport ourselves! We produce excellent maps that are printed in rich detail and colour on specialist imported waterproof paper.

We also produce a wide range of other specialist maps of all sizes and to suit your specification, including large waterproof and laminate maps for sports events, folded maps for travel and custom maps for business purposes. We can include a range of features that you need for finishing, colour, special effects, paper stock, custom sizing and folding.

Cost competitive

Our services are specialist and of excellent quality, but we are also extremely cost-competitive and work hard to offer great prices. You will also enjoy discounts on larger orders and our sales team will be delighted to discuss your needs and to provide a quote for you.

Quick and flexible

We use state-of-the-art printing technology and efficient systems to print jobs for our customers with a fast turnaround time – and quality is never compromised! Get in touch today with the details of the custom map that you need printing and we will be delighted to assist!

BML Print

Based in Romsey. Hampshire BML Print are a digital printers who work nationwide, our printing services are complimented with wide-format, signage and many creative services. The highest standard of print is our number one priority. If we are not happy, then we don’t expect you to be.

BML Print is one of a handful of printers to achieve the standard required for orienteering maps as laid down by the British Orienteering Federation. We are also the preferred printer for the International Orienteering Federation, where we supply a variety of race products and competition maps for the UK & Europe markets.


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