Why vehicle graphics are a cost-effective advertising solution

Want to generate over 30,000 impressions a day for as little as 10p? Whether you’re a startup or a high street player, leveraging the power of vehicle graphics is a cost-effective way to boost brand recognition and awareness. By using vehicle signage to turn your car or van into a mobile billboard you’ll boost sales and promote your business all day, every day.

Low cost, high awareness

Vehicle branding is the savvy way to get your message to where your potential customers can see it, whether that’s on the road or parked outside your place of business. Bold and well designed vehicle graphics are eye-catching and build brand awareness fast. Keep your message and graphics consistent across all your print media and you’ll boost recognition and customer loyalty.

Be in charge of your marketing

Vehicle branding puts you in charge of your own marketing because you’re not dependent on renting advertising space. It’s up to you how long you run your campaign for and whether you choose to add additional vehicle signage for time limited marketing campaigns or special offers. It’s the flexibility and level of control that puts you in charge of everything from the message to the overall cost that makes vehicle signage so cost-effective.

The friendly persuader

Vehicle graphics are a non-aggressive way to get your message in front of your potential customers. Your vehicles will attract the eye without cutting into a favourite programme or a web browsing session like TV and online ads do. Consumers appreciate the unobtrusiveness of your approach and look favourably on your brand. And there are no ad blockers on the road so your message always gets through.

Asset protection

Wrapping your vehicle in premium vinyl has another benefit. By covering your car or van in a protective skin, you’ll protect it from everyday wear and tear including scratches and dents. The vinyl takes the impact, protecting the bodywork underneath. So when you come to remove the wrap when you upgrade your vehicle, you can expect an excellent resale value because of your pristine paintwork. It’s just another of the ways that striking vehicle graphics add value to your business and provide a cost-effective marketing solution.

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