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Cool, Awesome and Educational! are resource books to bring orienteering into Schools, that have been written by Goran Andersson. Initially created for Swedish Schools from the project Skol-Sprinten these books make orienteering fun and interesting to learn. Not only are they excellent resource books for teachers but also good for teaching orienteering to all levels, with lots of detailed information on understanding contours, maps and how to set up your own smartphone friendly control sites. Printed in colour throughout, they are 210mm x 297mm in size and printed on gloss paper. Part 1 is aimed at the 6-12 year age range and is 52 pages. Part 2 is aimed at the 13-15 year age range and is 60 pages. BML Print supply both part 1 and part 2, please indicate if you require both parts in the form below.

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